Would it hurt anything to put my fingernail clippings in with my plants?



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    Since your nails are made of organic, biodegradable materials, it shouldn’t hurt anything. It might even enrich the plant’s soil as tiny organisms break down the proteins in your keratin and put it back into the soil.

    As long as there’s an ecosystem working to degrade your nails, I think it should be just fine. Wouldn’t try putting them in fake plants, though. That could get gross pretty fast.

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    You’d be surprised what ants will haul away in order to build their catacombs. I’m sure your fingernails won’t do any damage.

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    Fingernails are not only okay to put into plants and soil, it is encouraged in composting.  Fingernails are protein rich and completely biodegradable.  Just make sure not to have any polish or chemicals on them!

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