Would it harm eco-systems if we wiped out all of the poison ivy in the world?



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    Poison Ivy, although poisonous and harmful to humans, does in fact support ecosystems in several ways. Several species of bird and small mammals can eat Poison Ivy without adverse side effects. The plant’s root system is also remarkably effective at preventing soil erosion in steep or rocky areas.

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    In short: yes. Every living thing is intimately connected to all others in its environment, through a dense network of relationships. Plants and all other living things depend on each other for survival. Of course, sometimes a species goes extinct. But a slow demise is a less dramatic change – and has a less dramatic effect on the environment, which learns to cope in other ways – than a sudden plucking of every poison ivy plant in the world. This would have dramatic consequences not only on the eco-systems in which they thrive, but on all others as well.

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