would it be worth it for schools to use e-readers?



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    I have been thinking about that as well and I think it would be a great idea for schools to use e-readers.  The amount of paper and the costs would probably outweigh that electronic waste that would come with e-readers.  Schools could limit the use of e-readers in school and integrate an online system where students can access work through computers at home as well.  This way a lot less e-readers would be stolen or broken.  Plus book updates, etc. would be a lot cheaper than buying new books.

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    There are many college programs that have developed “e-readers” or incorporated some kind of online material to cut down on paper waste. What could be great for the environment and what is really feasible are two different things. Many students already use their laptops in class instead of taking notes in notebooks, and many teachers put worksheets and power points online instead of printing them out. While these are great ways to cut down on paper use, the idea that students who are reading hours everyday could do all that reading on computers is just not feasible. Eyes get tired of looking at computer screens. There are programs that allow students to highlight and take notes on readings while electronically reading them, but without this technology, readings online are almost useless. So some integration of paperless readers is great, but books are not going out of style.

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    There are some great environmental reasons to integrate e-readers into our society, especially the ones stated above.  The Amazon Kindle released a textbook e-reader in 2009, and was accepted with indifference by the students who tried it out.  Various reasons include the inability to interact with the text, such as marking pages, underlining, making notes on the sidelines which helps in the learning process.  There are also some larger ethical issues of the ability to control information with electronic books.

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    I think so.  It would save a lot of money in the long run, and it would eliminate the hassle of going to the bookstore with the risk that everything’s sold out.  I believe it would be an excellent idea for schools to use e-readers, or at least have the option available for those who have e-readers.

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