Would it be sustainable to expand civilization to other planets?



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    Not at the moment.  A major concern would be the amount of fossil fuels required to travel to and maintain a base on another planet.  Once we develop solar-powered spaceships and easy means to carry bio-domes to other planets, it may be a sustainable possibility, but at the moment, it may be best to put our energy towards sustaining the planet we are already on, so we won’t have to look to other planets for resources before we are ready to.

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    Right now we simply do not have the technology to travel to a possibly habitable planet. None of the planets in our solar system can sustain human life, so we would have to travel for thousands of light years to reach a habitable planet. Scientists are working on a radiation blocking metal for the outer part of the spaceship and are also looking for supplements to counteract the deterioration of the human body. 

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    Right now, it would be impossible. Any planet faintly habitable would take years to get to. Even Mars would take years to get to. Besides, we don’t have the means of getting there! If we did, it would be hard to survive for more than a day. We’re already having trouble with our own planet(too many people, fossil fuels running out), so for now, we won’t be habiting any planet but OURS.

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