Would it be possible to mass produce the world’s largest most efficient water desalination plant and strategically place them all over the world and have them pump the desalinated water inland to cities, farms, etc.?

This could provide drinking water to billions, reverse the effects of desertification and possibly even lower rising ocean levels. By mass producing them they could be much cheaper and have all of the replacement parts warehoused for easy long term maintenance. If 70% of the water used in the world is for irrigation, this would mean cheaper water for farmers, increased number of acres of arable farmland, and higher yields, resulting in lower food costs. Who could undertake such a massive project? The UN? Unicef?



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    Well it would be difficult to mass produce entire buildings, though water desalination is a great way to get clean fresh water to areas that are not so fortunate to readily have it. However, massive amounts of desalination on a global level could upset the environment by changing salt water habitats. It is not yet known for sure if water desalination could pose a treat to the environment, or how big a threat it may be. It’s also not entirely cost-effective, though certainly that economic cost could be seen as necessary to ensure developing nations have clean water. Though before doing it on such a massive level, we would have to fully understand and research environmental ramifications.

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    Desalination is an energy intensive process and to mass produce buildings that draw huge amounts of power to seperate water from salt could be pretty detrimental to energy grids and the environment itself.

    I think key placement of desalination plants where feasable (such as next to huge bodies of salt water) with renewable energy nearby to offset some of the costs are great ideas to provide clean water for people who have shortages. I would be depressed to see a desalination plant the next time I visited south beach or Kansas.

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