would it be possible to have a mandatory lights out time?



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    Not in this day in age. People have such varied schedules that in would be unreasonable to not allow them to use lights at night. We depend on people like ambulance drivers, security guards, airport workers, and so on to be awake at night so it would be impossible simply decree a certain time when lights could not be used.

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    It’s not likely, as Americans are too reliant on electricity to willingly become accustomed to a state or federal-imposed lights out period. It’s probably not also very safe. However, rolling blackouts are enforced during an energy crisis. This occurred in California in 2000-2001, after the rapidly growing population dangerously approached the energy threshold generated by power plants.

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    Well, I would say that it would be possible to have mandatory lights out time for individuals and group who do not require light at all times for their work. It will be unpleasant to have a general light out time in this present day because smoe miscreants whose activities are being monitored by the use of some light-powered devices will use the opportunity to unleash terrors.

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