Would it be more eco-friendly if I fed my dog table food instead of canned dog food?



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    Personal opinion here.  

    Yes, if you have scrap food everyday then it would be more eco-friendly to give the food to your dog than throw it away.  If you are not buying dog food you the food does not have to be produced, stored, shipped, and sold.  That is a lot of energy that is going into your dogs food.  If you never have scraps though, then I dont know.  Because you would have to start making extra food and then the eco-cost might be higher.

    On a side note, I do not recommend feeding your dog scraps.  A good dog food is balanced for what your dog needs.  Your dog has a different digestive system then you and it does not need the same type of food.  If you are worried about your scraps that you are not eating, compost them.

    Also, do not only feed canned dog food.  Dogs that are given only canned food have problems with their teeth.

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    A good alternative to throwing away your food scraps or feeding them to your dog would be to make your own compost pile. This breaks down your scraps and produces fertile soil! I’ve listed composting 101 as a citation in case you are interested.

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    Composting is a great alternative to throwing away otherwise “good” food. To be more eco-friendly with a canine in mind you may want to consider raw feeding or BARF diets. You can contact a local butcher to obtain cuts that are discounted because they are not suitable for the “needs” of humans – this includes leftover organs that can be ground into a proper proportion for the dog. The website below explains in detail the benefits of raw feeding and how it can contribute to a more eco-friendly lifestyle. 

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