Would it be a good idea to build a propane car infrastructure?



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    It’s not necessarily a bad idea — in fact, propane-powered cars have been in production for the last 60 years or so.  There’s a great tidbit on propane powered cars at the first link below.  Propane is cleaner and more efficient, offering less engine wear and tear than conventional fuel.  Ethanol, hydrogen and natural gas are also alternatives.  Propane does produce less greenhouse gas and has a narrow flammability range (making it safer than conventional fuel)

    The current challenges for propane-fueled vehicles include: reduced load capacity, lack of filling stations (10,000 nationwide).  

    The challenge to initiating a propane infrastructure may be the fact that most cars are moving towards hybrid conversions.  The auto trend seems to be towards hybrids as we’ve come to know them.


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