Would it be feasible to replace my lawn with moss? How often do you have to water moss?



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    One of my neighbors converted a couple portions of their yard to moss.  My yard also has some moss patches.

    Shade is critical.  If you have a typical treeless turf lawn bombarded with direct sunlight, that won’t work for moss.  Even if half your lawn is shady, the other half will present a challenge.

    You’ll also have to rake up or blow the leaves off it.

    You’ll also have spend a lot of time, work, and/or money getting the moss going initially.  You’ll have to deal with weeds, grass, and clover competing with the moss.  Your lawn could potentially look quite appalling to your neighbors, at least for the initial seasons while you’re getting it established.

    My recommendation would be to start by experimenting with moss in sections of your yard.  If it works well, expand.

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