Would it be feasible to replace my daily shampoo routine with a baking soda rinse?



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    Yes, many people choose this route to avoid all the harsh chemicals in shampoo, including alcohol, propylene glycerol (from petroleum) and sodium lauryl sulfate. When you first make the switch, your hair might change and become more oily, since it is used to these chemicals stripping away all the natural oils. Over time, it will balance out. A full replacement for shampoo involves making a baking-soda-and-water paste, and thoroughly massaging your scalp with it. Then you add an acid like an apple-cider-vinegar-and-water solution to the ends of the hair, let it sit, and rinse it out. The link below provides more details, as well as natural trouble-shooting for if your hair gets too frizzy, greasy or dry.

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    Another move that would be feasible is to stop using shampoo on a daily basis.  Hair does not need to be washed every day; it won’t hurt it nor will there be any smell.  Washing your hair once every few days is common, healthy, and as well, saves shampoo.

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