Would it be easy to grow your own mustard?



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    According to VegetableGarden.com, mustard seed is easy to grow. Apparently, it will grow in most soils (with optimal growth in soil with a pH around 6–neutral). “It will thrive if given constant moisture. It likes cool weather; a light frost can even improve the flavor.” The least difficult to grow it black mustard. 

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    It’s very easy to grow your own mustard. They like cool weather with some sun. Make sure to water them during dry periods, and they should mature with two months-around 45-50 days. When the plant begins to yellow you can harvest the seeds and make mustard. The leaves are also very nutritious and commonly used in salads.

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    Every mustard plant is edible, and many of them grow wild. In fact, mustard is very popular among urban foragers. Native plants that thrive in the wild are typically very easy to grow yourself, needing little or no attention.

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