Would it be better to make people who have to do community service clean up things like invasive species instead of trash next to the road?



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    I think the idea you are suggesting is a good one. Community service requirements could use a change, and requiring the services to be completely environmentally friendly would be great in my opinion.

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    They make people that do community service do mundane and unskilled tasks. Picking up track is easy but takes time and I believe it ultimately is necessary. Removing invasive species is a skill that takes a little more specialization and one that there is not much coordination between the people that can identify these species and people involved with correction. I think that people who aren’t as educated on invasive species would prefer to see the tangible and well-understood work of trash pick-up being done than something that could perhaps have a more positive ramification like removal of invasive species.

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    I think that is a cool idea! Obviously trash off the side of the road is a great thing to be cleaned but it does seem that there could be more productive assignments that could be given to people who need community service. I understand the dilemma with educating a group of random people to be able to identify invasive species, but surely there is some type of job that can be managed without intensive educational sessions. Perhaps they could sort through garbage to recycle for those who don’t bother!

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