Would it be beneficial to build the world’s longest manmade canal from San Diego to Houston and have it connected to the intracoastal waterway which would then link it to Florida and the entire atlantic seaboard?

Would there be any environmental or other benefit if large container ships and tankers no longer had to unload on the coast and have the cargo shipped via truck to its final destination or go all the way through the Panama Canal and up to the east coast. Ships could travel almost anywhere in the US via waterways. Larger ships could unload cargo and even passengers onto smaller vessels and have them travel to their final destination via boat rather than truck.



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    I don’t have any sort of engineering background, but it seems to me that the sheer cost of such a project makes it very unlikely to ever come to fruition. But financial possibility aside, I think this idea may have some merit. It would help cut down on the environmental and economic cost of driving goods across the nation. It seems, though, that the economic benefits might be canceled out if the goods were headed to a northern central location. In addition, I wonder about keeping the water in such a long waterway, especially an open one that would be located in a hot region of the US, making it particularly susceptible to evaporation.

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