Would GM be ahead of the other car manufacturers now had they not scrapped their EV model?



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    While its impossible to predict the future, sometimes even with 20/20 hindsight, it is difficult to say “no” to this question. For many years, Toyota has dominated the hybrid market, and they released the RAV4/EV just months after GM pulled the EV-1. While th eother companies are just now catching up, there is a certain amount of shortsightedness that may end up costig GM ore than a race, especially since they alienated a lot of customers by outright denying their wishes (not to mention refusing to actually let them buy the EV1, it was only leased).

    The fact is, there were many problems with the EV1, but more mistakes made in its handling, and a willingness to scrap an electric car in the era of low gas prices as opposed to putting the R&D in to make it work. Likely, if they had been willing to eep putting money into the research, yes, they would be ahead now. But GM made a lot of shortsighted and bad decisions in the 90’s, which is why they went bankrupt anyway, so maybe the EV1 wouldn’t have helped them that much if they decided not to keep improving it after its release.

    I hope this helped!

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