Would a fire in Yosemite Valley be a bad thing for the park?



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    This depends on the location and extent of a fire. A fire would be bad for tourism, as Yosemite Valley is the most frequented destination in the park. A fire would most likely close the valley to cars and tourists due to health and safety reasons, which would in turn hurt the income and revenue of the park. Ecologically, fires are not necessarily bad for Yosemite. Most of underbrush is highly monitored in the Valley due to the amount of tourism, but in other remote areas of the park, fires can contribute to a healthy ecosystem, and controlled burns are not uncommon throughout all of the Sierras. Frequent fires keep the underbrush at a low and managable condition. Without fires, the underbrush can grow to high, uncontrollable levels, and when a fire does ignite, it can be much larger and more devastating.

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