Would the earth produce more gold if we weren’t mining it?



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    Well, mining it does not affect what the earth might or might not do, but the number of molecules of gold in the earth is finite — no more is created than already exists (unless a gold-bearing meteor or asteroid arrives). On geological time scales, millions of years, tectonic and magmatic activity remobilize gold and other minerals, move them around, and disseminate and concentrate them, but no more is produced.

    The only movement of gold that comes close to human time scales is the concentration of gold (grains, flakes, nuggets) in placer deposits in streams. But even that is mostly hundreds to thousands of years, with a few possible rare exceptions such as a flash flood washing out a loose hillslope containing gold and depositing it in a stream bed.

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    this guy is dead-on correct.   i’m glad he mentions placer deposits (alluvialaside from anomalous imact events (meteors and the like), the amount of extant gold is finite.  only economic demand fuels mining of ore bodies. 

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