Would Consumer Pay Extra for for Green features in New Homes? or would you

this Includes Building Meterials, Low VOC , Solar Panel, etc



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    It depends on how much the extra cost is. In this economy many people have tight budgets so even a small investment is hard to make though it might provide savings in the long run. I would pay extra for some green features as long as I am assured there will be real saving and benefits in a reasonably time frame. Solar panels, as an example, can save homeowners hundreds of dollars a year, so these are an easy sell. Furthermore, if I was informed that certain materials would make my house more insulated and save money that way, I would probably agree to that. Just keep in mind that economy is the most important priority for people, and few people are buying extra things unless their economic value is apparent.

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      Thank you Carly…The approch of (we build it and they will come) has changed to (they demand it and we will build it) Many builders approching this very careful. and adding (affordable-green features) to avoid building expenssive homes.

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    I would personally be more than happy to pay extra to have green features on a new home. Obviously others would, too, as their are houses being built that have green features!

    If you want, you can even add solar panels to your current home. Visit this website to find out more: http://www.solarhome.org/

    Is that not green enough for you? Try a “natural building,” which is made out of only natural resources: http://www.greenhomebuilding.com/natural_building.htm

    Natural Home

    Want to help make your home green on a budget? Try using low-energy light bulbs, growing some of your own food in your garden, recycling as much as possible, and saving electricity whenever you can!

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    I would pay extra, although often green features are comparable to non-green features up front. In the long run green features are going to save you money and the environment which has more than economic value–it has the value of providing life.

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