Would a cheetah be able to run as fast as it does without a super long tail?



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    No, it would not. The cheetah is only able to maintain such a high speed due to its tail. It’s tail which is about 2 feet long helps control and maintain it’s high speed.

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    Probably not. A cheetah uses it’s tail for balance and as a long rudder to help steer at high speeds. It also has an enlarged heart, and enlarged nostrils for air intake, both of which help it reach high speeds. I have a cat with no tail though, and since it was that way from birth it has adapted to balance and run without it – I wonder if a cheetah would do the same?

    Check out this video, cheetahs are sweet!

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    Probably not. Every aspect of it’s body is designed to help it reach top speeds of 71 miles per hour, and the tail is no exception. The importance of the tail, however, is to help with steering. The tail works like a rudder, and enables to cheetah to change direction quickly while running.

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