Would cap and trade cost families anything?



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    The answer to this question depends on what the final bill ultimately ends up being. In theory, a cap and trade bill that is revenue neutral by auctioning off all of its permits could return that money it makes to taxpayers, meaning it would cost those who continue to buy high-carbon items, and save money for those who are more sustainable. That is the point of the legislation, after all. In it’s current state, the Congressional Budget Office predicts that by 2020, cap and trade will cost the average household $175 a year. This is a very tough number to get to and is dependent on a lot of things we can’t predict, as are all budget estimates.

    The way I would think of it is, yes, it will cost you more to continue living as you are. But it could actually save you money if you are emit less carbon than your neighbors and continue to live lighter.

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