Would California save money if they covered the aqueduct to save on evaporation?



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    Probably not. The California aqueduct system is enormous and some of the canals are very wide. The cost of covering the entire aqueduct system would be incredibly high. Moreover, because water in the aqueduct is constantly moving, it is actually less affected by the forces of evaporation so the amount of water lost may not be as much as you think. Additionally, while water is a scarce resource in California no doubt, it is surprisingly cheap still. 1 acre foot (325,851) costs around 160 dollars in southern California. Now think about how long it takes just to evaporate one gallon of water. That one gallon worth mere pennies. In other words, we would not be saving very much on water evaporated due to the exorbitant costs of building coverings for the entire aqueduct system and also because of the price of water.

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