is the world a safe place for all animals and plants?why or why not?



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    This is an interesting question. First of all, it depends on what you mean by safety. All animals and plants die in some way or another so in that sense the world is not safe for anyone or anything. But in the sense that safety pertains to a long, healthy survival, I would also have to say no. Humans, plants, and animals all perish in natural disasters. All of them also perish from human causes like pollution, development, and environmental degradation. So increasingly because of human involvement, the world is becoming a very unsafe environment for plants and animals. 

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    To add on to lilykosmicki’s answer, not only do animals, plants, and humans die naturally, but many species go instinct.

    The world was not safe for the dodos, for example, and North America is not a very safe place for wolves, who have been hunted to the brink of extinction and are only just now started to come back — only to have the brutal cycle begin anew with unsustainable hunting practices.

    The world is certainly not safe for rhinos either; ALL remaining subspecies are endangered, and two have less than TEN remaining living members.

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