Is the World Of Islands in Dubai sinking?



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    This seems to be true. It is a major issue facing the future of the World of Islands. The sands that create each are eroding and the navigational channels that make each island accessible to the others are now silting up. Slowly each piece is being reclaimed and their future is uncertain.

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    Work inside the 300 or so man-made islands, which began in 2003, halted in 2009 when Dubai World, the company which owns the islands, “asked for a delay to repay $26 billion in debt.”  In addition, a number of investors and hotel developers–such as Donald Trump–have pulled out of their development plans in the area due to the global recession.  As a casuality of the economic crash, the World of Islands functions as a kind of metaphor or microcosm of what’s going on around the globe today.

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    Penguin Marine found that the sand that comprises the World of Islands is eroding, causing the islands to shrink. Additionally, the navigational channels are silting up which will prevent transportation between the islands. These structural problems coupled with the lack of lucrative funds, the World of Islands project has proven to be both an economic and environmental catastrophe. 

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