Is the world going to end in the next 100 years because of global warming?

I am just wondering!



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    No, because logically thinking people will figure out that it is a HOAX well before then.

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    The planet will likely continue it’s existence, but it could be drastically different conditions than what it is today.


    It might not be habitable for people, but the world will still be around.  In all likeliness, we are going to change so many things about our lifestyles in the next few years that we can shift the patterns Global Warming is creating…but it will take a conscious and collective effort.

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    The world will still be around, but the question is will humans be around? Global warming is like the world fighting off a disease, humans. It seeking to destroy, what is in essence trying to destroy it. I honestly believe humans will not be around and the world will recover from the terrible things we have done to it. 

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