Is the word lots slang?



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    If used as a replace for “a lot” then yes, it is slang.

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    Technically yes. You should probably avoid using it in papers for school and such, but it’s so commonly used it’s not considered ungrammatical by most. 

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    I would go so far to say avoid in entirely in formal papers. That said I currently can’t think of a time when one would use “a lot” in formal papers either, so perhaps it goes without saying.

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    The word lots, is an informal or common word first used in 1891 as in “I’m feeling lots better”. 
    The word lot – has many meanings, such as:
    an object used as a counter to determine a question by chance
    one’s fate
    a measured parcel of land
    a motion-picutre studio

    alot is however slang – the correct useage is – a lot as in:
    I feel a lot better today
    meaning, much or very many, a large number


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