Is wool an eco friendly material for clothing?



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    Wool is an eco-friendly material because it is a sustainable material and GOOD for the sheep!  A sheep must be shorn(like a haircut) at least once a year otherwise it can get too hot and uncomfortable during warmer weather.  Apparently sheep produce between 2lbs-30lbs of wool per sheer according to

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    Yes, but there are some wools that should be avoided.  Wool comes from a renewable and, often times, humanely raised source.  Two wools that should be avoided are Australian merino wool and slipe wool. 

    Australian merino wool is shaved in a way that takes excess flesh off of the hide of the animal.  This is very inhumane and can lead to infection and other health problems for the animals.

    Slipe wool also needs to be avoided.  Slipe wool is when the sheep is sheared by chemical processes.  The chemicals used for slipe wool can harm and even kill the sheep.

    If these two types of sheep wool are avoided, then wool is a very eco-friendly clothing material.

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