woodchip compost heating will it heat a house



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    Woodchips are not at a point where they could be the key heat source for a house, but they do have the potential for it. Woodchips have proven to be a viable alternative for burning coal, so just about anything that is coal powered could potentially be powered by burning wood, including a home. Woodchips provide a source of power that is far cleaner than burning coal and, since no new trees are being cut down, only recycled pulp and chips are used, the environmental impact is far less than that of burning coal. 

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    Woodchips can be used for heating furnace in some certain homes. In Vermont 2006, a group of people tested out this new type of “green woodchips,” they used these woodchips to operate under normal conditions in a home and filled four bucket of woodchips in two hours to produce 175,000 Btus of hot water in a heat storage tank to feed the homes in Vermont baseboard heating system. Wood is a abundant self-renewing material throughout the United States. It is harvested through managed forestry, woody wste conversion, and active fuel wood cultivation it can remain a self-sustaining resource and reduce our dependence on petroleum. 

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