Is wood a green material to build with?



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    Wood can definitely be considered a green material, but it all depends on the type of wood and the source of it. Bamboo is an extremely renewable resource because it is actually a grass, and grows very rapidly. Another great green wood is FSC certified wood. FSC certified means that it has been cut down responsibly and new trees have been planted in its place.

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    I personally would not consider wood the be the greenest material, though it is typically all natural. Like greenlander said, bamboo is a great alternative.

    On another note, insulation in homes or other buildings is now taking forms of recycled and efficient forms. These include the following:

    “1) Recycled paper insulation is made from 100% waste recycled newsprint and has been successfully installed in more than 1 million homes in the UK alone!
    2) HempFlax insulation uses mostly hemp fiber, with a little added polyester fibre for reinforcing. Soda acts as the fire retardant, and, as the hemp is naturally resistant to moths and beetles, extra chemical application is avoided.
    3) Concrete Blond’s customized insulation panels create a false wall, behind which an insulating material can be placed; it’s a great product for older homes with solid walls which would be difficult to insulate otherwise. 
    4) Recycled denim insulation is 100% recyclable, VOC-free, and formaldehyde-free.”



    On television, I have also seen specials on insulation in the form of used soda cans and other recyclable materials. 

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    It depends on how the wood was harvested, but more often that not it will not be. If it comes from a source that replants the trees after they are knocked down than I would consider it a green. Nevertheless, they must also replant the trees in such a way that they are diverse so that disease does not wipeout the entire population.

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