Won’t the Democratics lose a lot of environmentalist votes after Obama expands oil drilling off-shore?



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    I think you will see many people defect to the Green Party or not vote for Obama after he goes ahead with more off-shore drilling.  The unfortunate fact is that for all of his campaign rhetoric, he is as much in the pocket of lobbyists as any other candidate.

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    I know the Democrats will lose my vote if he expands offshore drilling.  I agree with the above statement.  I personally feel we need a new party, and the Green Party is it.  All Democrats and Republicans have basically become money hungry liars that are being controlled by money.  I thought Obama was different, and I am still hoping he is.  However, I haven’t seen a whole lot to make me feel that his Presidency won’t end up like any of the others, a big fat lie.

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    Yes, he will lose a lot of environmentalist support if he expands off-shore oil drilling, but the environmentalists will have difficulty finding a party that can actually get elected and impose their green policies.  The Green Party is almost a joke at this point thanks to the fact that one of their biggest issues used to be the legalization of marijuana, though it is gaining a lot more respect, and it will be interesting to see how many votes they can get in the upcoming elections.  The Democrats historically have been the more eco-frindly of the two major parties, but if Obama expands off-shore drilling then they will likely lose this title.

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