Woman’s weight and memory

I think perhaps the ages of the women influenced their memory to be honest. To improve the reliability of the study researchers should have included a wider age gap. Usually younger people have better memories than older individuals. Age may have been a mediating variable in this study and may have affected the results.



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    The fact that they got everyone within a fairly wide range of 15 years could, as you said, have affected the results if more of the older women were considered heavy, but a wider range would probably skew the results even more unless you got several people of the same age with some lighter and some heavier.  In that case you could compare the results with the people of each age group.  If not then you would just be comparing young people to old people for the most part because due to natural causes, older people tend to put on extra weight.

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      Oh yes it would be a good idea to compare memory amongst people in different age ranges. Older women tend to be heavier due to childbirth, lifestyle, etc. so I felt the study was a bit bias. Usually, older people don’t remember as much as younger people and are not usually in the same physical shape.

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