Is the wolf population more healthy now than it has been in the last 50 years?



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    Yes. Since the wolf came under the protection of the government in the 1970s, the wolf population has been on the rise.  While at one point only 300 gray wolves remained in the wild, and red wolves were on the verge of extinction, today there are more than 4,000 gray wolves in the US.  Elsewhere in the world, wolf populations are likewise recovering, but, given the massive habitat destruction that has occured, they will probably never reach their pre-endangerment numbers.

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    Unfortunately, wolves are not given the same protection in all areas of the United States. Alaska is one area where wolves were recently being exterminated due to Governor Sarah Palin’s “predator control program.” Thankfully, Palin is no longer governor of Alaska and that issue is being resolved, but I still remember the shock I felt when I first read about aerial wolf gunning in the Defenders of Wildlife newsletter a few years ago. Wolves are amazing creatures, and Defenders of Wildlife has taken a special interest in protecting them.

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