Without using fertilizer how can I get my soil rich and fertile before planting a garden?



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    Try making a compost heap.

    While that stews, remove whatever stuff is in your way like rocks or shrubs/trees, weeds, etc.  Then, cover the ground with thick sheets of plastic.  You get this stuff at home supply stores.  Spread it on the ground and leave it.  The sun will “cook” the soil and make what’s called “clean dirt”.  It will be free of weeds when it’s ready, which takes several weeks, which is why you’d want to start your compost first. Your compost can rot and get ready as you make the clean dirt.

    When everything is ready, remove the plastic sheeting and plant whatever you like.

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    Using organic matter (compost) mixed with biochar is a great way to improve your soil’s fertility.  Compost can be made on your own or you can use manure.  Tilling it into the soil by using the, “double digging” technique will improve soil tilth.  Biochar is short for biological charcoal.  Biochar is essentially human made charcoal that improves moisture absorption, pH, nutrient retention, and root growth and mass.  Biochar has shown surprising results in improving fertility.  Biochar can be made quite easily or bought.  

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