Without the Model S do you think Tesla can survive?



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    That still remains to be seen.  The company is banking on the Model S, Tesla’s all-electric sedan to take the lead in all electric luxury sedans.  Right now, their main competitor, the Nissan Leaf is not very attractive, only being able to reach speeds of 90 mph and travel only 100 miles before needing a charge.  The Model S on the other hand can reach speeds of up to 120 mph and travel 300 miles before a recharge.

    Tesla Motors has not made a profit for one single quarter, but this isn’t unusual for a start-up car company without a mass-production vehicle on the market.  So the company seems to have alot riding on their first mass produced electric vehicle.  Right now we are riding on the “if” factor… “if the car begins to see widespread sales and starts to make a profit, then the company’s stock could skyrocket and provide it the cash it needs to expand and make new car models. But if it doesn’t, the company could eventually run out of money and go into bankruptcy or be bought up by another car company for a cheap price.”

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