Winters coming now and i need good ideas to keep your hands warm?



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    Hand and feet warmers! I use them all the time for skiing, but they’re also great for really cold days when you just have to leave the house. They don’t require the use of electricity or batteries, making them completely portable and maintenance free. They are safe, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Even better, they’re pretty cheap. One usually costs around 60 cents. If you wear them on your feet, it’s best to first put a thin sock on, then the warmer, and then cover it with a thicker sock, to avoid skin contact.

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    My hands get cold even just working in an office or sitting in class, making it hard to write or type. I have found that wearing fingerless gloves helps immensely while still allowing me to use my hands. Also, vitamins that help increase circulation are Vitamins B, B6, C, E and Potassium. There are also acupressure points that may help with circulation at the link below.

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