Is wine a pretty green alcoholic drink?



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    Like all industries, there are those involved in the wine making process who do so in a very environmentally friendly manner and those who have more of an impact. The organic wine movement is gaining momentum and some prominent wine critics even believe that it makes a better tasting wine. Chemicals are often used to grow grapes and to speed up the wine-making process but the natural wine making niche is certainly becoming more popular. There is even a push to use more eco-friendly bottling techniques to have less of an impact as well.

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    Wine can be a green alcoholic beverage, depending on how the wine is grown, harvested, produced, and distributed. Wineries in the past used harsh chemically based pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides to cultivate their grapes. Now some large wineries such as; Buena Vista, Fetzer, Gallo of Sonoma, and Mondavi have an organic variety of wines. There are also some wineries that are a part of the Napa Valley Sustainable Winegrowing Group, which practice environmentally friendly growing techniques. When choosing a wine, look for a local winery that has an organic line of wines.

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    I recently read this article about wine being served from barrels. The wine is actually held in large bags, so the barrels do not have to travel from the winery to the restaurant. This saves a lot of fuel during travel because the same amount of wine can be transported with less weight. It is possible that this is more efficient than transporting beer in kegs, but I haven’t done those calculation and do not know the exact weight of the wine in the bags.

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