Is window film/liner worth it?

I’ve seen some window film advertised as saving energy on heating and cooling costs. I’m interested but also concerned about what it will do to all my plants I’m trying to grow for “green” air purifying. We have double pane windows, but a big south facing (with no shade yet) bay window, plus several south and west facing bedroom windows with no real shade. I like daylight and want the blinds open. So how do I know if 1. my plants will survive and 2. the energy savings will pay back on the cost of the window film.



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    According to this website, even though the film does filter out 99.9% of UV rays, it doesn’t filter out light (think sunglasses).  So, this company says that their film will still allow enough light in for plants to grow.

    If you have many large windows, you’ll probably need to get an estimate (or a few) from companies that can better predict how much energy you’ll save.  It likely depends on what kind of film you get and how many of your windows you decide to cover.

    Try doing a Google search for “solar control window film” in your area.


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    Please see the attached link – I think it should answer all of your questions.

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    Personally, window film saves me a bunch of money on heating bills. My girlfriend also loves to grow plants and she doesn’t have a problem growing them with the film that  buy. I guess it would all depend on the film itself.

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