is windex eco friendly and why



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    Windex, advertised as a glass cleaner, is mostly water. (Eco-friendly) The cleaning ingredient is mostly ammonia. The cleaning agents are alcohol (Eco-friendly) and a few other things — not so environmentally friendly.

    The formula has changed a bit over time, and the most recent version, according to the S.C. Johnson company, (but not substantiated by the Wiki link, so don’t bother looking) is more environmentally friendly.

    The question more-or-less is: How bad is the stuff to use? Well, compared with just water or baking soda, it’s worse. Compared to heavy-hitting cleaners such as Easy Off Oven cleaners? It’s wonderfully good.

    The problem here is that a dirty pan or oven itself can be a problem. That is, you don’t want old foodstuffs hanging around, you don’t want things to burn and smoke. Those could cause major problems.

    Baking soda is a very good, very cheap cleaning alternative for some Windex uses … but not for cleaning glass.

    For glass, in the home, just hot water and a squeegee will often work just as well as Windex.

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