Is wind power cheaper that regular electricity?



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    According to a report from the Earth Policy Institute, wind power is now cheaper than regular electricty thanks to the huge spike in natural gas prices in 2005.  Autin, TX and Colorado are two areas that are seeing this change in price now.  The utility company in Austin is able to buy wind-generated electricity below 10-year, fixed price contracts and in turn passes this price onto their subscribers.  The report also predicts that other parts of the U.S. will soon start seeing this trend.

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      Your information is seriously out of date (2006). While natural gas did cost as much as $16 per MMBtu in 2005 (thanks mostly to Hurricane Katrina), that price has been around $4 or even less for most of the past several years.

      As of 2011, both solar and wind cost more than conventional coal or natural gas generation of electricity.

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      This was taken from one of the articles you attached:

      Over the years wind and solar energy have become more competitive with fossil fuels, but fossil fuels still have the edge in costs, especially coal and natural gas. Wind turbines and solar panels are becoming cheaper all the time, and some energy experts believe it won’t take too long before their costs become comparable with fossil fuels.

      Whether my information is outdated or not, your article still supports my answer that wind and solar, while one day will be comparable to fossil fuel is still cheaper. Thanks.

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      Well, the question was, is wind power cheaper than conventional electricity. The answer in 2011 is no. What may or may not happen in the future is anyone’s guess.

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      I don’t see anywhere in your supporting articles where you got your answer…sorry.

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