Is wind the biggest cause of erosion on the great pyramids?



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    Erosion is really the combination of a few different things. Time in the elements is the biggest. Rain and wind have been eroding at the pyramids since they were built. The other cause of erosion is tourism and all the different people who tour the pyramids.

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    While most believe that erosion of the pyramids has been due to wind and sand, there has been new evidence regarding the erosion of the Sphinx. New evidence has suggested that the erosion that the Sphinx has suffered the most has been by rain water erosion. it is now believed the Sphinx is actually alot older than what previous scientists have thought. Modern Egyptologists believe that the Sphinx was built approximately 4,600 years ago, but with the new evidence of water erosion, it is now believed to be at least 9,000 years old. Since the main cause of the erosion of the sphinx has been through water, it had to be have been built during a time when the Egyptian climate was much wetter than it was 4,600 years ago. If this is true then the sphinx wasn’t built by the pharaohs of ancient Egypt!

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