Will this year’s winter be warmer or colder than the winter of 2008?



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    This question was asked some time ago, and now that the winter of 2010 is almost over we know that generally, despite various high-profile events such as the East Coast blizzard in February, this winter has actually been unusually warm compared to others. According to data complied by the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration, January 2010 was the fourth warmest on record at least on the ground; as far as ocean temperatures go, January was the second warmest ever. Results from other months in the winter are pretty similar. It seems hard to believe given the 40, 50, 60 inches of snow that residents of New York and Boston are shoveling from their driveways–and the fact that snow fell in places like Atlanta, Georgia and Montgomery, Alabama for the first time in recent memory–but the winter of 2010, while it may well set records for snowfall in many places in North America and parts of Europe, is by no means the coldest.

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