Will the world ever end up like the TV show the colony?



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    “The Colony” is a look at a post-apocalyptic world from the perspective of a reality show. Although I did not watch the program myself, based on reading numerous novels covering similar subjects, I have an idea of what the show covers. There is no valid prediction of what will happen to the planet in the future, but many people have suggested that some sort of global catastrophe will result in a situation much like that portrayed in the show. We can only hope that these predictions are incorrect, but at the rate we are currently destroying our planet, there is definitely a small chance that human population will be wiped out in some way. Modifying your current habits to reflect this potential (e.g. reducing your carbon footprint and suggesting to your friends and family that they do the same) is one of your best bets for limiting any chance that you will become one of only ten humans left on the planet.

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