Will a wild painted turtle survive in captivity.

They live in a swamp.



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    It is not recommended to take any animal out of the wild and keep it in as a pet. While painted turtles can survive for 25 years in captivity, if left in the wild, they can live 40 years.

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    It is true that you could care for a painted turtle in captivity, however, it is not easy. You must provide it meat and vegetables and make sure it gets ample vitamins and minerals. Many turtles will not eat comerial turtle food, so you would have to buy live fish to feed to it. The tank takes a lot of work to keep it clean, especially following the feeding of the turtle. You must also provide appropriate temperatures and heat for your turtle as they are cold-blooded and near Vitamin D from natural sunlight to help their shell develop.

    It is not advisable to take animals from the wild. Turtles carry some diseases and are better left in the wild where they can live their natural life.

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