Will white oak trees work well in Montana?



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    While it is hard to say whether a tree will grow successfully in any situation (there are many factors to consider, such as, the soil, the temperature, and the amount of irrigation it receives) one is better off growing native plants in any situation, and with that White Oak is not a native of Montana.


    Natives plants are defined by their natural existence, they were growing in the area without the help of humans. Native plants do better at conserving water, provide shelter for birds, insects and other wildlife, they are less detrimental to the soil and can potentially help save consumers money and time. Native plants are genetically wired to do well in their designated area and will most likely lead to stronger and healthier trees/scrubs/flowers.  

    Here is a few native trees of Montana:


    • Bur Oak
    • Green Ash
    • Limber Pine
    • Hackberry
    • Western Mountain Ash
    • Black Cottonwood
    • Honeylocust
    • Colorado Spruce


    Just by simply going to a surrounding nursery or Home Depot you can find information or individuals that will be able to help pick the right tree for you.

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