Will we see as many Kindle’s as we do laptops eventually?



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    It is a possibility as people decide to make the switch from paper to electronic media but Kindle will have to improve some key elements before people will catch on in a widespread fashion. First of all, the Kindle is expensive ($399) and only serves one purpose. If the Kindle is to catch on, it will have to boast more impressive features at a lower price or make those features worth the money. As it stands, you have to subscribe to pick up wireless and pay to see newspapers/magazines that you could view for free on your laptop. This will turn off more frugal customers.

    However, the Kindle has a great battery life and massive storage space and is lightweight. It can hold up to 200 books- think about all the paper and shipping that would save. Plus, people who have the device say that they read more.

    Two days after the launch of this device, it was sold-out so perhaps it is the reading future.

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    It is possible. But there are also many other e-readers that use similar technology that are also just as innovative and useful. There are also apps for people to read books on their phones, and seeing as how almost everyone has a phone, more people might start to choose this form of reading device.

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