Will we ever see all new buildings being LEED certified?



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    Yes, I believe we will. More and more homes are being built sustainably and in some states there are laws for building new homes.

    In Hawaii there is a law that says any new home being built need to install solar hot water heaters. http://ecoscraps.com/2008/06/01/hawaii-law-requires-all-new-homes-install-solar-hot-water-heaters/

    For example, in New Orleans with the Make It Right Foundation in the Lower 9th Ward, (the organization Brad Pitt founded), they are not only including solar energy onto the homes, but all 13 of the homes already built are LEED Platinum certified! Also, in New Orleans Global Green’s, the Holy Cross Project, is building new homes in the Lower 9th Ward that are LEED certified with solar energy! http://globalgreen.org/neworleans/

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