Will we ever have living buildings?



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    We already do. A “living building” could be a structure that’s actually alive, or a building that so completely manages its resources and its environment that it functions like a living ecosystem. A living building creates its own energy on-site, like the William J. Clinton Presidential Library does, and can even regenerate the ecosystem around it. But if you mean a structure that actually has biological life, there are a few examples of those too, such as the barrel cellar of Sokol Blosser Winery in Carlton, Oregon, where the roof is literally alive with the same species of wildflowers that populate the local area. The cellar uses no artificial energy and relies on the cooling properties of the soil and plants that comprise it in order to keep wine at the specific temperature needed for its full development. This breakthrough in viticulture won Sokol Blosser the title of the first winery in America to be LEED certified.

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    Living buildings exist now. Just think about treehouses! Check out the link below to see some really cool ones. I know there’s a bed and breakfast in oregon made up of tree houses, if you’d like to stay in one.

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