Will we ever have a global green economy?



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    Hopefully one day sooner rather than later yes. its not a question of if it will happen, it needs to. when it will happen depends on whenever developed countries can pull away from fossil fuel energy sources and use green energy sources exclusively. 

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    As of yet, there is no scientific or international consensus on how to achieve a green economy, what it entails, and the steps needed to move towards it.

    The UN Environment Programme defines a green economy as a, “low carbon, resources efficient, and socially inclusive” economy, whose income and employment growth are driven by public and private investments in environmental/resource conservation and preservation.  A green economy allocates a certain amount of federal spending to support green initiatives, and makes environmental issues a priority on the public agenda. 

    “The difficult questions are whether the attainment of such an economy constrains other aspects, including economic growth of poor countries and social goals such as poverty eradication and job creation.”

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