Will we ever get rid of newspapers because they waste too much paper?



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    Speaking from inside the news business, including direct research at a major newspaper on the subject of ending print newspaper, I think it will be a very long time before newspapers die. I don’t think all newspapers will disappear. I will agree with rickken on the point that it won’t be environmentally related, but there are several things to note on this subject.

    Most of newspaper revenue comes from print advertising, and until that dies newspapers will still live. It’s very hard for a paper to just completely lose all of the print advertising since so little revenue comes in online. It’s very hard for a newspaper to make money on their websites.

    Another issue is the inherent value of having an actual print edition that can be physically seen and saved. For this reason at least some newspapers will still be around.

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    I think that unfortunately newspapers will eventually go out of business, but not because they waste too much paper.  Readership seems to be moving towards the internet, where the content can be accessed for free.  Although the majority of newspapers also publish their stories online, it is hard for them to make money off of this, especially because they cannot get readers to pay for online subscriptions.  The loss of the newspaper would be beneficial to the environment, but detrimental to journalists around the world.

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