Will we be able to sustainably feed the world in 2050 when our population is pushing 10 billion? Will we have to change our diet?



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    We will be able to feed the world’s population if people (primarily in Western countries) change their eating patterns, specifically in regards to the amount of meat eaten on a weekly basis, and the United States agricultural sector changes its means of production. The amount of land required to raise cattle, for example, is significantly more than the amount of land required to grow a crop. By cutting down on meat consumption, land could be used more efficiently as humans would be acting as “primary consumers” of plant crops rather than “secondary consumers” of animals who eat those plant crops. In regards to the agricultural sector, big changes need to be made as most of the crops in the United States aren’t used for primary consumption (veggies, fruits.. things you can bite into!) Instead, crops are being grown to manufacture other foods (unhealthy foods for that matter!), provide feed for cows and pork which we consume, or be used as fuel fillers. Looking at the Department of Agriculture’s statistics on annual crop production shows how our food industry needs to shift away from producing foods for secondary consumption.

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