Will a water bottle decompose in a compost pile?



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    Plastic water bottles make up about 2% of all garbage in landfills. It is believed that it can take as much as 1000 years for them to fully decompose, especially in the airless, lightless environment of a garbage dump. Please, remember to recycle your plastic water bottles.

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    If you are talking about a “compostable” water bottle such as +1 Water from Canada or Biota from Colorado then yes, these bottles will decompose.  Compostable plastic is made of PLA resin, which is made of plants such as corn or sugar cane.  These plastics are designed to breakdown in a commercial composting facility in 45-80 days.  A commercial facility is equipped with the technology to break these down much faster than in a home composting pile.  First, they shred all of the material and then place it in piles where it is temperature controlled.  

    I assume that these types of bottles could also decompose in a home compost but it would take much longer.  Besides, I’m not sure that I would want to use decomposed plastic as compost in my garden.  

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