Will vinegar kill insects?



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    Vinegar kills insects fairly well, particularly ants.

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    Vinegar is generally very effective at killing insects. Both white and apple vinegar have the same potency and thus similar kill rates (but white vinegar is much cheaper, so if you’re looking to save money, white vinegar is your best bet).

    Creating an effective vinegar spray to combat common garden insects, mix three parts water with one part vinegar, then add a teaspone of dishwashing detergent. Add mixture to a spray bottle, swirl around to mix, and spray with reckless abandon until your garden is pest-free.

    While both white and apple cider vinegars are effective at eliminating garden pests, white vinegar is generally cheaper than apple cider vinegar, so it’s your best option if you want to save some money. To create a vinegar spray that works on garden insects, combine three parts water with one part vinegar in a spray bottle and add a teaspoon of dishwashing detergent. Swirl in the spray bottle to mix the contents thoroughly before use on the garden.
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